Because there is so much to do in Point Arena, we've divided our "Things to Do" section into two categories to make things clearer for visitors. 


Perhaps you want to see what Point Arena looks like blanketed with Daffodils (Point Arena Flower Power Festival), or you love home town parades & fireworks off the pier (Point Arena 4th of July).  Maybe you want to make your next trip to Point Arena coincide with the Arena Theater's annual German Gem Film Festival or Blues Series. 

And don't let the winter months scare you away.  Winter on the Northern Coast of California is truly spectacular. It could be a wild winter storm, a balmy sunny day or a combination of both with some fog thrown into the mix as well. If you have never experienced a winter storm on the Pacific Coast, you are missing one of life’s great experiences. Imagine towering Redwoods, Cypress and Fir trees bending in the wind; the look and sound of huge waves pounding the coasts and then… a rainbow.

Many Inns offer special rates during the winter months. Our local markets offer fresh seasonal products and the restaurants have fresh crab and local seafood on their menus. Shops are less crowded and innkeepers have more time for interaction. And the locals are even more laid back!

We are centrally located on the Northern coast of California and are surrounded by some of the most beautiful country in the entire world. There are no fees, tickets, or hidden charges involved in going for a walk in nature. Just think of how good that that steaming bowl of chowder will taste after a long walk.

Time it right any time of year, and you can see a much-anticipated first run flick in our historic movie theater or catch an amazing live stage events. One day during your stay, make a reservation to check out the local hangout for zebras and antelope at the B.Bryan Preserve.  And definitely visit the Point Arena Lighthouse---no visit is complete without a peek from the top!


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