Developed by local outdoor enthusiasts, this blufftop trail provides magnificent ocean vistas & rugged beaches
View from Schooner Gultch

Moat Creek to Bowling Ball Beach is a wonderful outing, but, if you are going all the way to the Bowling Alley, make sure and check your tide tables. If the tide is high, you are almost certainly going to get your feet wet and you will not see the bowling balls. The lower the tide the better for the bowling alley, but any low tide will make for a great hike. The Moat Creek portion of the blufftop trail is, of course, good to go at any time and any season. Keep your eyes peeled for raptors above and seals, sea lions, and whales below. If you are very lucky perhaps even an elephant seal, but don't go too close to the edge because it is unstable and might crumble under your feet. Stay on the trail - the views are just as good as a couple feet closer to the Pacific Ocean.

The blufftop trail offers epic vistas!

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