A wonderful shop selling Fair Trade items from around the world.

Everything Under the Sun

LenaLena Bullamore has been in business in the same shop at 211 Main Street for twenty four years. Her business is one of the oldest in Point Arena. As the name of her boutique suggests, the imaginative owner offers a very eclectic variety of merchandise carefully selected and screened to ensure that all of the artists that worked on each and every item were paid a fair price for their labor.

Lena describes herself as a "conflicted capitalist" and freely admits that she is in search of socially concious patrons of the arts. She is also obviously catering to clients who want to find something different, something that might show the passion of the artist, be he or she living in Africa, Asia, Latin America or here in the United States. In addition, she has one of the most extensive & unique collections of greeting cards for every occassion anywhere on the north coast. The picture to the right shows Lena with a one of a kind, wearable art creation by a local dress designer.

A conversation with Lena can be educational about a lot of things from world travel to what is going on in the arts within the local community.

"Today is not just another day.
It's today, the only one there will ever be.
Treat it with the care that any
one-of-a-kind item deserves."

Stop by and maybe buy something and maybe just look.
If you're curious about one of the items in the store ask Lena,
you'll probably end up in an interesting conversation about exotica.